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I  have made this blog completely dedicated to teaching the world how to scream. There are plenty of 'How To's' out there, but unfortunetly more than a good 85% of them are teaching it wrongly. Or they forget to teach you some very cruical things. In this blog you will learn all the aspects you need to begin screaming, plus some more intermediate techniques and advanced techniques. That ranges from learning the actual scream, mouth and tongue positioning, to keeping stamina, getting higher and lower screams, and so on. Hopefully this will help you progress and become an amazing screamer! If you follow everything here you can end up sounding like your favorite vocalist in a matter of 5-8 months (time frame varies person to person). That might sound like an immense amount of time, but I can assure you it's not as long as it seems. Just keep your head up, don't get discouraged and practice. If you follow those three things you should easily become an amazing screamer in no time. Go learn how to scream!

Hi, I'm Javin. I'm just your typical everyday teenager. I just happen to have a passion for screaming. I've been at it for about three years now and I've just been really frustrated with all these people being taught how to scream incorrectly. So I decided to make this blog and fill it with all the collective knowledge I've gained over the years on the subject. 

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R.I.P Mitch Lucker
(A.K.A Vocalist of Suicide Silence)
1984 - 2012